About MyCaseBuilder

Let's make the world a better case!
Why settle for "good enough" when you can give yourself the best? Take control of your foam!

MyCaseBuilder is the ultimate tool for creating your own custom-designed case foam inserts for cases of all shapes and sizes, with NO minimum order requirements. With our clean, web-based software package, there is no file downloading, no program installation, and most importantly -- no hassle. With precision measuring guides and easy to use shape-manipulation tools, the only limitation to making the perfect foam-filled case is your imagination!

We can produce foam inserts for almost anything. We offer custom foam inserts for our full range of stock cases, custom cases & any equipment you might have too. Behind the website, you'll find MyCaseBuilder comes with over 25-years worth of top-notch customer service in the custom foam fabrication industry to ensure that what your design meets all your expectations. We want you to love what you create! If you ever have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know.

Thanks, and enjoy your visit with MyCaseBuilder!

- The MyCaseBuilder Europe Team