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You have questions?  We have answers!
Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, each paired with a concise answer to help make MyCaseBuilder as easy-to-use as possible.

How do I choose the right size case?

A good way to estimate the size of the case you'll need is to arrange all the items you will be putting in your case in a rectangle on a table. Measure the length and width to get those dimensions, then measure the tallest item from bottom to top. Add an extra two inches to all of your measurements to account for proper padding, and you'll have your length, width and depth measurements! From there, you can browse our complete size-sorted catalog to find the perfect case.


Why don't your published case dimensions match the manufacturer's specs?

Often, manufacturers published specs are based upon engineering designs rather than the actual finished products. In addition, many of these cases have an internal draft (slanted walls) which causes the measurements to vary depending on the depth at which they are taken. At MyCaseBuilder, every case we offer is hand-measured in our factory to ensure the foam completely fills the entire space. After engineering the interior cavities, we finish each piece by chamfering the sides to accomodate sloped interior walls and hand-cut notches for any interior intrusions like wheels and handles. This allows your custom foam insert to slip perfectly into place.

Which type of foam should I choose for my case?

During checkout, you'll be able to choose which type of foam you'd like for custom foam design. Choosing the proper foam for each application is easy! Visit our Foam 101 page to learn everything you wanted to know about foam, including which one is best for you.

I already have my own case. Can I just get the foam only?

Yes! At checkout, you will be able to specify that you want to purchase foam only.

If you're looking to design custom foam for a case you already have, the first step is to see if you can find it in our case catalog. If it's there, simply click the GET STARTED button on that case's catalog page and its dimensions will be used as the template for your design.

If you can't find your case, or simply wish to specify your own custom size, choose the "My Own Custom Size" option. You'll be taken to a page where you can specify your own dimensions.

Can you design my foam for me?

While the MyCaseBuilder application was built to make designing your own foam simple and economical, we do also offer MyCaseBuilder Pro-Design as a paid service. This service costs anywhere from €70 to €750 depending on what technical and graphical assets are provided for us to use, and the complexity of the project.To get started, please email us with a detailed description of your design needs and a MyCaseBuilder representative will contact you to discuss further details.

Can I customize my case's lid foam?

Lid foam can be customized for a small upcharge based on the size of foam. We offer foam engraving on the standard lidfoams. Contact us for that or any other request for you lidfoam.

What happens if I realize a mistake in my design after I receive my foam?

All MyCaseBuilder orders are covered by our Do-Over Design Protection, so there's no need to worry. If upon receiving your foam you realize something's not quite right, send back the unwanted foam to us and for 50% of the cost of the foam (plus shipping), we will allow you to fix your design and have a replacement made.

If you prefer a more full-service approach, choose our optional FailSafe Design Protection and your replacement foam will be created and shipped back to you for free.

Please note: In either case, you are responsible for costs associated with returning the unwanted foam to us.

Will MyCaseBuilder work on a Mac or an iPad?

We've just launched Version 2.0 of the MyCaseBuilder Design Application which is designed to run on virtually any browser, Mac or PC, desktop or mobile. If you run into any problems running our design application, please email or call us so we can look into the matter right away.

Does the amount of cut-outs influence the pricing?

We think you should be able to count on a fixed price for your case-foam. The amount of cut-outs should not have a negative impact on that, we think. So, even when you have a complicated design, the price of your foam won't increase.

Can I order large quantities of cases and foams in MyCaseBuilder?

When you order multiple foams and/or cases at once, it could influence the price in a positive way. Please contact us for more in formation. Send us your request including your design number so we can provide you with a quote.

How much are the shipping costs?

You can find an up-to-date list of shipping costs on the 'Shipping' page.

How long does it take to get my order?

Usually, it takes 9-12 days for us to produce your foam. In some cases we need to give some extra attention to the design which might influence the delivery time. With each order we provide you with updates and for shipments we send you a track-and-trace code so you can track your shipment.

Can I arrange for my order to be picked up?

We do not offer the option for pick-up on our website, but we can help you with that, for a small fee. We regularly work with the standard pick-up services of UPS, FEDEX and DHL. Leave you request in the 'requests' field when ordering. We'll contact you as soon as possible.

How do I reorder a design?

To reorder a previously ordered design, LOG IN to the MCB Application. Once there, press the OPEN button to view your saved designs. Find the one you want to reorder and roll over it to display the "REORDER THIS DESIGN" button. Press it and you will then be taken to the shopping cart where you will choose your options and check out.If you need to edit your design before reordering, click the "MAKE AN UNLOCKED COPY" button. Your design will be copied and opened for you to make the necessary changes before proceeding to checkout.

I no longer want/need the custom foam I ordered. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, because the foam inserts we sell are 100% custom, we can't repurpose or resell them to anyone else, so we do not issue refunds. However, if you purchased our FailSafe Design Protection, you can ship back your unwanted foam and design a replacement. Also, all MyCaseBuilder orders are covered by our Do-Over Protection, which allows for replacement redesigns at a reduced rate.

I didn't receive an Order Confirmation email? Did my order go through?

If you haven't received an Order Confirmation within an hour of placing an order, please check your Bulk Mail or Junk Mail folder in case it accidentally got misrouted.