Put your company's website to work by offering MyCaseBuilder Custom Foam to your customers, subscribers and friends.


Once you become a member of the MyCaseBuilder Affiliate Program by signing and returning the program contract, you can place specially coded links to on your website. When a user clicks one of these links and registers with MyCaseBuilder, your Affiliate ID will be linked to that user's transactions for the duration of your contract.

Affiliates are paid a standard 10% commission quarterly for all purchases tagged with your Affiliate ID. Shipping and Fail Safe charges will not be included in this calculation. Some Affiliates may be entitled to an extra 5% in the first year through special promotions, or earn up to 20% commission by linking directly into our catalog and/or design application (please inquire for details).

MyCaseBuilder will handle the checkout, manufacturing and shipping of completed purchases along with providing exemplary Customer Service.
Please fill out the form below and a MyCaseBuilder representative will be in touch with you shortly to discuss this program further.

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