9-12 business days
High Volume
MyCaseBuilder Europe orders ship from Zoetermeer, Netherlands. We use DHL and PostNL for European shipments.

We offer you the lowest rates possible. Underneath you can see per country what you will pay per carton. During checkout, we will inform you exactly about your specific shipping costs.

A MyCaseBuilder representative will contact you if additional shipping charges are necessary.
We are not responsible for any brokerage or customs fees on International orders.
Albanie 58,50   Hongarije 14,18   Oekraine 58,50
Andorra 21,50   Ierland 22,07   Oostenrijk 15,85
Armenie 143,39   Ijsland 58,50   Polen 11,80
Azerbeidzjan 143,39   Italie Noord 19,59   Portugal 21,79
Belgie 11,91   Italie Zuid 21,54   Roemenie 11,87
Bosnie en Herzegovina 58,50   Kazachstan 143,39   Rusland 143,39
Bulgarije 20,59   Kosovo 58,50   San Marino 58,50
Cyprus 58,50   Kroatie 32,79   Servie 58,50
Denemarken 28,13   Letland 15,94   Slovenie 16,56
Duitsland 10,97   Liechtenstein 33,61   Slowakije 12,74
Estland 15,94   Litouwen 15,94   Spanje 21,50
Faeroer 58,50   Luxemburg 14,87   Tsjechie 14,91
Finland 31,62   Macedonie 58,50   Turkije 58,50
Frankrijk Noord 20,38   Malta 58,50   Vaticaanstad 58,50
Frankrijk Zuid 22,43   Moldavie 58,50   Wit Rusland 58,50
Georgie 143,39   Monaco 22,43   Zweden Noord 23,82
Griekenland 22,50   Montenegro 58,50   Zweden Zuid 21,63
Groenland 58,50   Nederland 8,96   Zwitserland 58,50
Groot-Brittanie 15,63   Noorwegen 58,50      


If you need your items shipped more quickly, we do offer expedited shipping services for an additional cost. Please call us at 0031 - 850 212 000 or contact us and we'll help you find the option that works best for you.

Once we receive your completed order, we strive to process, check and fabricate your order within the estimated production time shown above. From that point, time in transit will vary based on your shipping address.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional production time may be required in the following circumstances:

  • If problems are discovered in your design and we are working with you to correct them.
  • If your order contains trays.
  • If your order has special instructions for fabrication.
  • If your order contains greater than five pieces.
  • If current production volume is abnormally high.

Transit time depends on where we are shipping your order. Normally this will be in between 1 and 7 days.